Our office assists our clients in their brand development and public relations, in order for them to maximize their commercial opportunities during and after their careers.  



Our backoffice is 24/7 available to support our clients in everything off the pitch. For example every aspect after a transfer (abroad): housing, relocation services, travel assistance, obtaining the right (work) permits, residencies and licenses abroad but also arrganging the afterservice of media commitments and sponsorship engagements.



With our in-house expertise on international sports law and our experience in the field,

we are able to provide our clients with the right advices during contract negotiations. 


Our team works together with partners that provide us with data, to support our clients in their tactical development. We analyse, evaluate and discuss every aspect of their game and performances together. All for the purpose of personal development.


We have our team of partners, consisting of personal trainers, fysiotherapists and running technique analysts. All in service of our clients, to become more fit, stronger, faster, quicker, more agile. Just better. 

clothing & shoes

Part of an early stage 'branding', our service includes the necessary arrangements with brands such as amongst others Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Under Armour, Craft on shoes and casual clothing.


Most essential and crucial aspect of our agency. We assist our clients in making the right choices both on and off the pitch, with regard to the next club, the next step, investments opportunities and life after football. 

(Mental) coaching

Never underestimate the (will)power of the mind. Our office provides services that strengthen the minds our clients, all together with professional partners. Just small talk about the state of mind or mental coaching - it is all important, just as being physically healty and fit.