John Black is our performance specialist. He owns his own Vitality Studio named Basic Black, he is a vitality expert and an EXOS Performance Specialist. 

With JB, we set the physical goals for our players. We work out our plans for physical development and enhancement. Then, we start our carefully planned process for the player. We plan individual work outs for each of our players, because simply every body needs a different approach. 

With JB, we develop our players' physique according to their specific demands. According to the training programmes they already follow with their clubs. So we plan each training very meticulously.

Our players are always guided and advised professionally and personally by JB or his coaches. We work together as a team towards a goal. JB and his team work both on the mind and body. They give nutritional advice, so the players can work 


EXOS Performance Specialist & Chivo Vitality Expert

Licened agent