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Part of what they would call ‘a football family’. Born with football. Raised with football. Lives with football. Plays quite the football himself too, in the highest Dutch division of futsal. Also played games for the Dutch national youth teams of futsal. With an older brother playing at Vitesse Arnhem and the Moroccan national team, and two little brothers, of whome one plays in the U-13 of PSV Eindhoven and the other in the same team with Bilal himself, that acts in the highest Dutch division of futsal, football is interwoven with the lives of the Achenteh family.

Bilal is thus no stranger to the world of football. He has seen it all, being a first-class witness of the football world of his older brother Rochdi Achenteh. Bilal knows what it takes for a professional player and his family to do whatever needs to be done to succeed. The sacrifices, the hard labour, the struggle and the importance of hard needed support of the family. Because of his talents, his knowledge of not only the game of football but also of the world of football, his involvement and his education (Sportsmanagement), Bilal has an essential input at The Libra Enterprise | Sportsmanagement.

Bilal also has an essential role with regard to the Moroccan community in the region of Eindhoven, because of his contributions to the futsalclub ZVV Eindhoven. Because of his experience on the highest levels of futsal, both in the Netherlands and in Belgium, Bilal is a known name within the world of futsal.